Maitland Extended Family

What a great big wonderful family! I photographed this Maitland extended family in the gorgeous grounds of The Regents Park on Regent St Maitland.

There are three sons and partners plus seven growing grandsons, and an amazing couple who started this troupe. They all gathered together for their photos on lovely afternoon in Maitland. It was a hectic session with such a large group plus we had a huge garden to explore, with many beautiful backdrops.

I photograph some of them all together as well as each individual family in a few different locations.  We attempted a shot of just the young cousins, and then the grandparents with all the boys too. There were plenty of giggles, a few tears and a whole lot of wandering.

We ended the session with a visit to the farmyard animals where the boys free ranged amongst the creatures. I love these ones! Boys and birds and alpacas everywhere haha

What an adventure and a pleasure photographing this big group!

x Leighsa

Love the fluffy alpaca’s too!!

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