Favourite places in Maitland (for photo sessions)

My photo studio is in East Maitland NSW, but I mostly photograph people outside in the fresh air. When deciding on a spot for your photo session I love to talk to you about your people and the places that you like to be with them. Its good to know what you imagine for the photos you will put on your walls.

Are you a little bit country and love all things long grass and timber fences?  Or are you more a city family and want urban architecture and textured walls? Or do you just want to be in your own backyard under a tree? It doesn’t need to be a huge space, just a small slice of goodness with your family in it will work perfectly xx

Below are some locations in the Maitland area that I frequent for portrait sessions, and a few photos to show you what it can look like. I’m always open to new places to explore, so let me know if you have any ideas…

x Leighsa

The Levee – Maitland

High St Maitland with the river running behind it is a great spot to get a unique urban look. There are murals in alleyways and textured walls, and plenty of old buildings. Plus there is the riverbank walkway on the top of the Levee with the river and Belmore bridge behind.

Close by there is the Maitland Regional Art Gallery that is bright & modern if we need an inside space. This is fun and unique inside and out!

John Tucker Park – Paterson

Always a gorgeous place any time of the day with the little tree plantation (all those leaves rustling in the breeze make me smile). There is a big open field, and heritage listed brick building plus its right by the river. Alternatively there is another leafy park with lush overhanging branches right across the road if you want to go a bit further.

Ray Lawler Reserve – Morpeth Common

Another beautiful big reserve, this one surrounded by farmland. Huge old fig tree, a stunning long row of poplars, and there are also are little bridges across the duck ponds (and plenty of friendly ducks). It is a very popular location for photographers around the Hunter Valley.

Walka Water Works – Oakhampton

Walka is a huge local nature reserve and heritage listed building. There are currently works going on around the main building but if you venture a bit further into the property there are dirt running trails and fabulous bushland and plenty of native trees to be found. Further in there is even a hidden patch of lush rainforest if you are willing to walk, plus the sandstone dam wall is great feature too.


Morpeth Boat Ramp

Not far from the main street of Historic Morpeth is the Queens Wharf boat ramp on the river. There is a picnic area and a little dirt track that runs right beside the river. You can walk down to the timber deck to sit on and look out at the water and there are farm gates and paddocks close by too.

Rathluba Reserve – East Maitland

Rathluba reserve is accessed by a driveway in a quiet street in East Maitland. There is a lovely open field, tall trees and a walk way around the water. There are a few different leafy spots I like to use and the fenced edge is lined with trees too. Additionally there is a playground to bribe the kids with for after the session or we can get actions shots on there!

Your Place

It can be your backyard or farmyard or tiny flat. Bring me to where you and your people are most comfortable. I love back steps and snuggly photos on the lounge, or front picket fences with your pets. We can photograph you in your own space then head out and take the dog for a walk to your neighbourhood park?

My most favourite is big country properties, paddocks and rolling hills – the more cows and long grass the better. A family farm is just the best!

The Studio

If you don’t like your space or don’t like people in it haha and just want a simple bright contained backdrop I am happy to welcome you to my East Maitland studio. I have a white or grey backdrop and a variety of stools and chairs you can make your self comfortable on.

Full experience and a session step by step HERE