Photo session on the farm

A Mum and her daughters and lots of laughs at this photo session on the farm!

These girls were so great! I love to photograph on a property, to scope out what’s around, meet the pets and wildlife and find amazing pockets of natural light. I travelled north to this rural property on the Buckets Way and was so delighted to have a few laughs with these gorgeous ladies.

We ventured to the dirt driveway first with some lovely lines and filtered sunlight. A few skips and struts was all that was needed to stir up some fun moments and interactions. I love the giggles and huge smiles!

Next we headed to the side paddock with the hills and wildflowers/weeds and added in a visiting cousin for some more laughs! Lastly we visited the horse paddock and added in the dog too. What a gorgeous animal and friend to these sisters. So beautiful watching them interacting with their treasured pet.

Do you have a property or an awesome backyard or even just a sweet front porch? I really do love visiting your places and capturing your moments exactly where you love to be.

x Leighsa

Photo session on the farm sister fun on the farm sisters cousin fun on the farm Photo session on the farm Photo session on the farm Photo session on the farm Photo session on the farm Photo session on the farm

Farm families will always have a special place for me (maybe deep down its because that’s where I want to be haha) Check out some more family fun HERE