Relaxed River Portraits

This session of relaxed river portraits was much fun! On a balmy morning late last year I met up with this family to update their family photos. It had been a few years since I had photographed them previously, and this time their was an extra little fella. Such a cutie but a little shy. So cute seeing the brothers interact and the different ways they play.

These guys are a fun adventurous family, and they wanted their photos to reflect that. Nothing posed or forced, just running and splashing and dunking and laughing and falling. I loved photographing them doing their thing, enjoying the warm morning in the cool river.

This spot beside (well mostly in) the river is at Melville Ford, Aberglasslyn.  I had never photographed their before and was pleasantly surprised how lovely and lush it looked on the riverbank! There were a few cars clanging across the wooden bridge but it is a great spot to take the kids out for some fresh air and adventure.

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x Leighsa

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