Clarencetown Extended Family

Hey photo-loving fam! Here is the most recent extended family sesh at Clarencetown. It involves a bunch of wonderful folks, some beautiful vibrant colours, adorable munchkins bringing the fun, and a cheeky grandpa stealing the spotlight.

Chloe was my ‘Family of the Year’ winner last year with just her and her children, so this time she invited the whole family along to spend her prize winnings. Repeat clients are so good, they know how to bring the good vibes. In was a warm sunny day in Clarencetown, and this extended family brought the fun to create some photo magic.

There were bright colours, and big smiles! It was like a burst of happiness against the backdrop of the deep greenery along the river. The cousins were excited to be around each other and this was super cute and somewhat chaotic haha Then enter cheeky grandpa, this guy had jokes for days and a playful spirit had everyone loved.

Repeat Clients, Real Connections: They know the drill, they know the photographer, and they’ve made this a tradition. It’s not just a photoshoot; it’s a reunion, a celebration of family ties, and a chance to freeze those moments in time. So glad I got to photograph a snapshot of the real, beautiful chaos that is family.

x Leighsa

Clarencetown Extended Familyclarencetown extended familyclarencetown extended familyA few ideas for display a canvas collection below-

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