Hunter Valley Extended Family

What a beautiful bunch! When all the extended family is travelling to Hunter Valley from overseas and interstate why not get everyone together for a family portrait.

This family were from all over and had a special family property where they wanted to be photographed. It was bright and sunny and actually really windy but I think we pulled it together without too much crazy hair!

With seven small children it was never going to be easy but with many years kids wrangling experience I find if you get the whole family photo out of the way first while everyone is fresh the rest will come together. It doesn’t always work but I am happy to go with the flow and change direction depending on moods and breakdowns.


Hunter Valley Extended Family   Hunter Valley Extended Family Hunter Valley Family Hunter Valley Family

I love how children react differently to a very similar situation! Its so lovely capturing these sibling relationships and the giggles that follow. A timber box in a field and a cuddle from your brother or sister is such a simple thing but the memories on top will mean the world to these families now and in years to come xxx cute siblings on a timber box

Also how good are cousins?!? Big and little all hanging together, that unique relationship that as a parent you hope will last a lifetime! Hunter Valley Extended Family cousins in a field running Get in touch and book your session for when all your family are together HERE