Newborn home session

Loving this fresh and clean newborn session in home. With an excited big brother and beautiful big sleepy baby this session was just gorgeous!

Big bro is only two, so his attention span was limited haha. But I think we got some really lovely images in the short time he wanted to be on the bed with his brother. Cute cuddles squeezed tight and some lovely ones laying next to the baby and connecting with him.

I was loving the classic wondersuit Mum chose for her littlest son, and the simple meaningful toys she wanted to include too. This bub was only 10days old at the time and he slept so soundly for the entire session, even with all the passing around and big brother pokes and unwrapping and undressing. What a little champion!

It was really special to include one set of grandparents in this session too! The family had been staying with the grandparents for some extra support in the first few weeks so it was amazing they could be included and have their own photos with the baby too. Grandad was fab source of amusement for Mr 2 as well!

Check out all the super cute action and snuggles below

x Leighsa

This photo has to be one of my favouritw newborn photos ever!! He just look so relaxed. And I love the simple neutral tones xx

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