Maitland Engaged Couple

Sunny afternoon and a big fluffy puppy! I had a lovely walk in the park with this newly engaged couple.

How awesome is that Jacaranda tree! The bright colours of the sky, flowers and grass worked well to give these shots a bright bold feel. I love how natural these walking shots look, the pup was a new addition to the family and I was more than pleased to include him in the shoot. Including a pet is great to make you relaxed and less conscious of the camera (because you are trying to control it :D) Plus the cuteness factor.

These guys received a mini session gift certificate after enjoying puppy classes at the Lorn Vet Clinic – just down the road from my studio. Plus we did the session on the riverbank and streets in Lorn. Working locally and with other businesses is always a treat.

x Leighsa

Maitland Engaged Couple

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