Loved-up Hunter Valley

A walk in the winter sunshine with a loved-up couple by the river in the Hunter Valley.

These two are in the process of arranging a wedding, which has been most difficult this year between all the lock downs and restrictions. Fingers crossed they get to go ahead with their dream wedding.

Photographing them by the river at Morpeth and getting to spend some time getting to know them was fantastic. I got to hear their meeting story and all about the wedding dreams! And we explored a few cute spots I hadn’t used before.

If you have never been to Morpeth I recommend a visit sometime, lots to do and eat and see. – Visit Morpeth

Lots of people put off portraits until the warmer months but this time of year is great. I know it can be chilly but the light is so much softer, the sunsets so beautiful and are way earlier. You can come out mid afternoon for a stroll in the sun then head home to your warm home before dinner. Earlier afternoons are so much better for children too, much more energy than summer nights when the sun doesn’t set until after 8pm.

Photographing this couple connecting and sharing those loving looks was gorgeous! It will be great to see them all dressed up at their wedding very soon.

x Leighsa

Loved-up Hunter Valley Morpeth couple session Loved-up Hunter Valley Loved-up Hunter Valley morpeth coupe shoot

How awesome are these fig trees! It was a little walk but well worth the effort to photograph under the beautiful old branches!fig trees morpeth Loved-up Hunter Valley Loved-up Hunter Valley fig trees morpeth Loved-up Hunter Valley morpeth couple session

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