Family Portraits full of fun

Recently, I had the pleasure of taking portraits of a fun-loving family, consisting of a mum and her two kids plus two dogs. It was a warm and sunny day, which made for bright lighting and a birthday boy made it a very excited atmosphere.

From the moment we began the photo shoot, it was clear that this family loved to have fun. Chloe is bubbly and full of energy, while the kids were full of life and ready to play. We began by trying to take some more formal portraits, but it didn’t work and the children started to run and be their silly selves. This created a super relaxed mood and a lot of laughter, which made for some fantastic candid shots.

The brought their two doggos which just added to the chaos and fun. The kids loved walking/running with the dog and their cheeky smilies look great against the sunny backdrop.

Throughout the shoot, the family was full of energy and positivity, which made my job as a photographer a joy. Their happiness was contagious and I left the session with the biggest smile on my face.

This family portrait shoot a delightful experience full of fun and laughter. The beautiful weather, stunning location, and lively family made for some fantastic photos. I thoroughly enjoyed working with this family and creating images that capture their unique personalities and bond.

x Leighsa

I met this family at Clarencetown at the reserve by the river. The green grass and big shady trees were perfect for this fun session!

I have plenty of favourite locations close by and would love to chat to you about what type of background you want for your photos. Check out my favourite spots HERE.