Brothers Maitland

What a fun session with these brothers and their Dad in Maitland. These three have a wonderful relationship and capturing the joy between them was so great. Climbing trees and running races and plenty of hugs made this session a blast. Morpeth Common was looking lush as we explored. Boys and teenagers can be tricky to get them to show emotion but I think we did ok with these two (with a bit of coaxing away for the peace fingers heheh)    Brothers Maitland Brothers Maitland Brothers Maitland boys race morpeth dad and brothers morpeth Dad and Brothers Maitland black and white Brothers Maitland Brothers Maitland teen portraits dad portraits stacks on dad Bothers MaitlandMorpeth is a really lovely place to explore, the gorgeous main street to the riverside to the reserves. Visit Morpeth can help you find your way around. For these portraits we went to Morpeth Common, and it was looking especially green that day! black and white portraits dad and boys

I like these portraits, and how they really show the love between the boys and their dad. Thanks for stopping by and looking at this blog post – Brothers Maitland

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