Backyard Newborn session

A newborn session in the first few weeks of a baby’s life is a great way to capture those precious moments with your new baby in the comfort of your own home. However, when you add a toddler and a dachshund to the mix, things can quickly become chaotic. I loved this Backyard Newborn session!

I actually photographed little T a few days earlier but Dad and toddler were not available. So the first few photos are soft and relaxed and serene but when I returned a few days later it was a whole different vibe!

The day of the photo session arrived, and I caught up with everyone and tried to coax Mr 2 yr old into a chat and photos. He didn’t really want any of that so I asked about going to play in the backyard and that was a yes, so we all headed out to play. I did plan to go back inside but Mr 2 had other plans so we ran with it and embraced the crazy. Add a dachshund in there too and we were all cracking up!

There were birds and wind and balls flying but I love how natural and real life these family photos turned out. It really was a snapshot into their daily world, a family doing their thing and enjoying the simple things xx

Despite the chaos, we managed to capture some beautiful moments between them all. In the end, the family had a good laugh about the whole photo session. Don’t let it stop you from capturing those precious moments with your family. Embrace the chaos, and you’ll end up with photos that tell the story of your family’s love and connection, chaos and all.

x Leighsa


Sweet newborn goodness below…maitland newborn photographer maitland newborn photographer newborn maitland new baby boy maitland

Annnd let the backyard fun begin…toddler fun maitland Backyard Newborn session Backyard Newborn session Backyard Newborn session black and white Backyard Newborn family portrait Backyard Newborn session new baby on the greass mum and bub dad and baby Backyard Newborn session

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