Extended Family – Morpeth

How long since you had professional portraits with your mum and dad? With you and your children? With your brothers and sisters? Your husband even?

I know everyone hates to see themselves in photos but it is so important to get in the picture and be part of the family! You are important and your children want to see you in their pictures.

This family did all of the above and got together to all be in photos together. Grandparents, grown sisters and cheeky brothers. Mum with her boys, grandparents and grandchildren, husband and wife.

I was so pleased to hand over beautiful prints and enlargements that I know will be loved by this family.

x Leighsa

Extended Family - Morpeth morpeth portraits_0104 morpeth portraits Extended Family - Morpeth Extended Family - Morpethmorpeth portraits_0110morpeth portraits